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Arun Kumar Vyas has been awarded with a Gold Medal in Astrology. He has also honoured with jyotish bhusan & jyotish samrat.

Arun Kumar Vyas is a Master in Astrology from the University of Rajasthan. He was born on 1st September 1980 in a modest Pushkarna Brahmin family in Phalodi, Jodhpur (Rajasthan). His grandfather Pandit Shri Ramgopalji Vyas was a renowned Shrimad Bhagwat preacher. Since childhood, listening to his grandfather’s foretelling created a huge interest in him towards Shrimad Bhagwat and Astrology. Under the guidance of respected Shri Harikishanji Changani, he studied various Astrology & Veda Scriptures and attained Gold Media in Astrology. He was also honoured with Jyotish Bhushan & Jyotish Samrat and other accolades at an early age. He started practice at the young age of 18 years. His acute predictions made him a star overnight and he is consulted by people across the globe. He has been regularly invited to deliver guest lectures on Astrology & Vastu Shastra.

Ethics & Thoughts

“What we are today and what we will be in the future will be the Outcome of our KARMAS. All human beings have the power to change what lies in the future. I invoke in them to take the right path to enlightenment.I think astrology is scientific and has guidelines based on mathematical calculations and is often mistaken as myth or magic.”

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our services

Indian Traditional Astrology

Indian Traditional Astrology

For That We Require –
Your Name, Surname, Date Of Birth, Time Of Birth and Place Of Birth. Then we make a Kundli (Janam Patri) and do Deep Study for all 12 Houses and Predict for future and find out a basic reason for Problem, if any. Accordingly, we find out how the problem can be solved. Most of our Remedies are very Easy and Economical. Everyone can do easily at home. In exceptional cases only, do we recommend for any Ritual by an Expert Pandit.


Face Reading

Face Reading is basically an Ancient Science. It’s also a well known type of Astrology.
It’s also known as Samudrik Shastra.
We do read Face deeply and Predict about Past, Present and Future.
That’s why I always suggest to send a Latest Picture for Face Reading Purpose. The Pictures should be without Eyeglass and cosmetic used. Knowing Nature, Emotions Personality, Problems on face, I Calculate the Fortune Support.
Few Corporate Companies called me to Read Face and knowing Nature, Reliability of Candidate for new Joining.


Vastu Shastra

It’s also called Ancient Architect. Vastu is balancing of Five Elements near our surrounding for getting Positive Vibes and reducing Negative Vibes.
Vastu must be applied at Our Residence, Office and Factory too. We use some different way of Vastu.
We do Vastu with correlated to Person’s Janam Kundli.
That way of Correction of Vastu gives Fantastic Positive Results.


Baby Name

Baby naming as per Kundli is not a trend of Today! Namkaran was used from ancient times.
A Lucky Name gives Prosperous, Healthy, Stress free life and Long life.
We here use Face, Date, Time and Place Of Birth for providing a Lucky Name! We use Rashi/Nakshatra/Charan for Naming. It’s really a Microscopic Process For Naming.
That is Actually a Proper and Perfect Process of Naming. It’s Lengthy and time consuming but not Shortcut.


Kundli Milan

Why we are different in Kundli Match Making??? As normally all see Kundli Match Making from Ashtakut Guna Milan, where total Guna are Eight and total Marking is 36.
Normally all Astrologers suggest if more than 18 Gunas match, then marriage can take place. Adding to this they also see Manglik or Non Manglik.
But apart from this we see in Depth, whether is there any Yoga of Spoiled Married life or of Remarriage or Divorce or not.
If any partner having such yoga then we Do Not Recommend for Marriage, even if in that case Guna Milan May be more then 18.


K.P System

World’s Best Astrology System. This System is based on Nakshatra. Also known as Stellar System.
Where we ask For a No. between 1 to 249.
Suppose you given No. 131, then we would Forecast a K.P. horoscope.
First we would Justify query, then would Predict.
Accuracy of Predictions are very higher than other System of Astrology.

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